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The City of Clare attracts thousands of visitors from all across the state and is a Clare is a great place to be and live. Located in the heart of Michigan's beautiful Lower Peninsula, The City of Clare is just south of the Nationally-known Jay's Sporting Goods.

 When the annual Irish Festival is held over St. Patrick‚Äôs Day weekend you will find more Irish Spirit than you can shake a stick at!

The focal point of this festival is the St. Patrick Day events throught Clare. Guests can find several lodging conveniently located to the event and in the center of downtown Clare.

Visitors will also find several historical building in the city of Clare, the Doherty Hotel, the Ideal Theater. Built in the late 1920s, it was the first movie theater in Clare County, and has remained in its original state to show what an older style movie theater used to be like, the Ideal Theater seats 409 movie goers.

The Clare City Bakery since 1896 stood and effective July 1, 2009, became, Cops and Doughnuts. It is owned and operated by the several-member of the Clare Police Department.

Clare's downtown use designated as a Main Street Cool Cities Community and gave up that designation in 2013 do to the large successfulness of the program and political up rising from the local chamber of commerce, due to the lost of the local businesses support of the program and them losing local downtown members to the organization.

Also, Clare, Michigan is noted to be the "Gateway to the North" because of its location in the center of the Lower Peninsula. There is one fire station and one police department in the city of Clare. The water tower in Clare is located near the fire station and is emblazoned with a clover.

Clare features an annual car show each year sponsored by the Clare County Convention Visitors Bureau .




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